U Rock™ for Kids is for Any Age Group.  Join In!!  U Rock!!!!!!!
Stand for the Silent has fast become one of the leading
and most effective anti-bullying organizations.
Their mission is simple: bring awareness to bullying and the real
devastation it causes. Stand for the Silent runs solely off generous
donations from those who support their mission.   
Rocky suggests supporting their cause and checking out their store
for anti-bullying books with Kind Rocks Island included!
Stand for the Silent

"Do Good, Feel Good,    Others Are Good,        I am Good"    

"U Rock" is an inspiration for promoting self-esteem, confidence, friendship, and respect in youth.  We want to grab the attention of youth to start a movement of caring for themselves and for others.  A shared sentiment among people that shouts, "U Rock."  
The idea behind this movement is that ALL kids (and everyone from 1 - 99) can use
a little encouragement from time to time.  Sometimes it's just a pat on the back, or some supportive words, or a mental "high five," or even a big bear hug.  Each one of us can use some kind of acknowledgement of feeling good about who we are and keeping a positive attitude---a reminder that we really can "be our best selves."

Because kids are especially sensitive to peers and can often feel discouraged, bullied, or under-confident, "U Rock" can boost self-esteem in a fun, humorous way that kids can relate to, with heartfelt slogans and attention grabbing pictures and photos that make it easy for kids to get the intended messages.  And you'll find

the "U Rock for Kids'" books and cards use written messages that
promote literacy in a fun, positive way.  What better way to
encourage reading and promote encouragement?

At some point every child has felt the effects of name calling, put downs, bullying,
or isolation from peer groups.  The idea for "U Rock" came about as a way to
help kids feel encouraged, accepted, and reassured that they do, indeed, ROCK
in their daily interactions at school or at home. 

We are sad to see so many children bullying and being bullied.  What can we do to prevent one child from having to face these circumstances or any circumstances of feeling less than who we are?  We can start with a "U Rock" to everyone we meet!

What Can We Do Together To Create A World of Feeling Good About The People
Around Us and Ourselves?  Join 
"U Rock
for Kids" in Promoting Confidence,
Self-Esteem, and Self-Respect in Others and Ourselves

Inspirational Cards

U Rock Cards. 
Inspirational and Encouraging Words for You or
to Share With Others.

Bear Magnet

U Rock Magnet.
For Those Days You Need   a Pick Me Up Before You Start Your Day!


U Rock Cards. 
Inspirational and Encouraging Words for You or
to Share With Others.

Color Your Own Cards

U Rock Cards. 
Inspirational and Encouraging Words for You or
to Share With Others.

 Inspirational Cards 

3D Image Bookmarks

Pictures change with movement.
See Two Pictures at Once.

         How Many Books Are You            Reading Right Now? 
 You May Need Seven of These!!

Gerbil Magnet

U Rock Magnet. 
Use as a
Birthday Card
for a Friend!

U Rock Magnet.
For Those Days You Need   a Pick Me Up Before You Start Your Day!


Raccoon Magnet

U Rock Magnet.
Hold Up Art Work, Schedules, Calendars, Pictures on the Refrigerator!  


Duck Magnet

U Rock Magnet.
    Put in Lockers to Read    Throughout Your Day 
to Feel Good!


Red Panda Magnet

Newly Published!!!

Kind Rocks Island Adventures

 U Rock Storybook!  

All the rocks on Kind Rocks Island love adventures...from surfing to hide-and-seek to digging.  See what surprise
the rocks dig up.

Newly  Published!!!

Kind Rocks Island

U Rock Storybook!  

What happens when Diamond
rolls up on shore
and disrupts the
Kind Rocks on Kind Rock Island?

Newly  Published!!!

Word Search & Word Scramble

         First accomplish the word search and
then advance on to the word scramble. 
We offer 26 different word search and
26 different word scramble. A unique book in that we share the animal power words
for 26 different characters. Learn
how you can become empowered by

the spirit of an animal.


Newly  Published!!!


26 different dot-to-dot pages with 26 different characters. We also provide a second
copy of each page to share
with others. 

Newly  Published!!!



52 different mazes to
choose from.  26 level one
and 26 level two mazes. 
Our 26 different characters
are featured in the maze book. 
Color the characters when
you are finished.


Newly  Published!!!

          Coloring Book 

26 unique characters
to color. We provide double images so you can share
with friends!

Newly Published!!!


 U Rock Inspiration  

Messages for
contemplation and
reflection and inspiration!

U Rock Because
You're You

This Flip Book!!!

Kind Rocks Island and Kind Rocks Island Adventures

 Flip Storybook!  

Read Kind Rocks Island Story on one side and then flip the book over and read Kind Rocks Island Adventures Story
on the flip side.

"U Rockfor Kids" FUN ACTIVITY books!
Build your Self-Esteem, Confidence, Brain Power, by finishing Coloring Sheets,

Dot-to-Dot Sheets, Mazes, Word Search, and Word Scramble.

Fun Stuff to Do

Share Your Story
What "Do Good" Thing 
Did You Do Or
  Someone Did For You?     
Card for the Month
Read a Special Card Chosen Especially For This Month!
Enter to Win
Weekly Drawing!
Share Your Rocks!
New Products
Any "Rock" Pictures You Want to Share!
Many New Products Coming Soon!

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If you are under 18 years of age, please have your parents register their email.  Make "U Rock"           a family event!  All of us need inspiration!

U Rock for Kids

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